About us

TechLateral has extensive experience in providing planning, marketing, sales, system integration, and technical support. For consultation on your requirements contact us today. We stride to provide you with priority support, this is our primary business. Though many years of practice we can take pride in our ability to solve technical problems. TechLateral professionals not only know how hardware and software works, but also how hardware and software interact with each other. We are update with cutting edge technology that we utilize for your advantage.

What is Document Management?

At TechLateral we specialize in Document Management. Document Management is the storage and retrieval of a wide range of document types from a wide range of applications. Some documents may exist electronically or in paper only format.

Document Management Life Cycle

At TechLateral our document management and conversion services are some of the most efficient and professional on the market today. These services has allowed our clients to maximize there time spent on key core business processes by taking away time required when hassling with their current inefficient document management processes. The information for the documents are utilized to its true potential with our services resulting in performance and profit gains beyond what our clients expected from professional document management service. Our professionals have years of experience in understanding technologies, people, and how they on depend on each other to impact a successful project. TechLateral follows industrial standards and employs cutting edge technologies.

Enquiries maybe sent to: support@techlateral.com or call us at 647-430-7478