Data Capture

We perform a wide range of data capture or entry services from printed, scanned images, microfilm and on-line data entry. Our services are provide in the following languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Italian.

We are extremely capable of handling large volumes of data capture and overnight delivery in many cases.

We efficiently perform data entry for:

  1. forms processing
  2. data indexing
  3. e-books
  4. database marketing
  5. direct mail
  6. market research
  7. banks
  8. financial institutions
  9. insurance companies
  10. education and content for e-learning
  11. on-line data entry.

We have extensive experience in converting media rich, unstructured paper, microfilm or scanned documents to powerful XML files. To create XML database we use third party encoding standards such as Docbooks and Text Encoding Initiative.

Enquiries maybe sent to: or call us at 647-430-7478