Drawing Scanning

If your company creates drawings and have plenty in storage you should be taking advantage of our drawing scanning and archiving service. Your company will be greatly saving time form searching though unorganized paper drawing stacks. Your office space will be increased. Documents can be retrieved at anywhere and at anytime over the internet. There is no need to pay for expensive mail carrier fees.

Drawings are normally scanned at between a detailed resolutions of 200 - 300 dpi. Where specialist attention to detail is required we can scan at resolutions up to 800 dpi.

We will always endeavor to obtain the best possible quality from your originals whether they are blue prints, tracings; on linen or even on card, nothing is impossible.

Your Drawing scans can be supplied on compact disc in the file format of your choice.

Our document scanning services includes Image Processing in which image cropping, de-skewing and filtering can be applied to any poor quality or ageing documents to enhance the image quality. We verify each document by hand before giving them to you.

Enquiries maybe sent to: support@techlateral.com or call us at 647-430-7478