PDF Conversion

PDF (Portable File Format) has grown to immense popularity and is widely used across the world helping many organizations to archive, search and view their documents.

At TechLateral we offer the follow services: PDF scanning, PDF Conversion, PDF Searchable, PDF e-book, PDF Book-marking and PDF On-line. PDF files will improve your organization of information when it is converted in to editable text and completely searchable PDF files

We are able to perform PDF scanning from a wide range of sources such as: Technical Manuals, Newspaper articles, Correspondences, Company Reports, E-Bible, Application / Survey Forms, Client Files, and Magazines.

For clients who like to have their documents in searchable and in PDF format, PDF searchable is the perfect solution for them.

Enquiries maybe sent to: support@techlateral.com or call us at 647-430-7478