Type Setting

We are fully capable of performing pre-press services such as copy editing and typesetting for technical, scientific, medial books, and scholarly.

Our type setting is performed in:

TeX –

For creating beautiful books, TeX is the correct choice

For creating beautiful books, TeX is our ideal choice. If you have books that require unusual character symbols, especially mathematical symbols, with TeX our technicians will make your book stand out.

TeX is extremely programmable allowing us to customize your documents to your most complex and detailed requirements.

LaTeX –

With LaTeX will produce a variety of different layouts from the same document. This will give you live choices for your documents. LaTeX is a macro package for TeX that allows us to describe the structure of a document.

We also use Quark, FrameMaker, and 3B2.

Enquiries maybe sent to: support@techlateral.com or call us at 647-430-7478